1. James Crowley
    · Reply

    Mike… very enlightening… even though you don’t agree on the christian thing, I’m glad you come around GCC dude… it’s cool havin’ you around. I’d like to know your thoughts some on the historical /archeology video they played this past weekend… just curious your response or reaction to it.. i know they are doing another this next week…

  2. Michael Harley
    · Reply

    Hey James, thanks for the kind words!

    You can read my thoughts on sermon here. ­čśë

  3. Atheists in Church: God is Watching

    […] know, my wife Jen is a Christian and goes to church pretty regular. Check out my initial post, our Atheist-Christian marriage for some more background. Well today she invited me to church and I wanted to jot down my thoughts […]

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