Wi-fi router and security

I’m in the market for a Wi-Fi router so I’ve been doing a little research. When I’m looking for new electronics, I almost always check what Wirecutter recommends.

I’m also a bit of an infosec enthusiast so I was somewhat surprised that a technology enthusiast site is recommending a router that uses a traditional means of updating the router firmware – connect to the router with your computer, download a file form the manufacturer’s website and apply the file manually. Sure, the TP-Link Archer C7 is fast and has a high range but security updates are critical. Most of us don’t think about our routers once we’ve installed them – unless it’s reboot them when they’re not working right.

So even though the TP-Link Archer C7 is recommended by Wirecutter, I’ll be getting an Airport Extreme when it’s time to upgrade my old router. The update process isn’t automatic with the Apple router but at least the router checks for updates automatically and notifies you it’s time to update the software.


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