Cycling the C&O and GAP Trails: Anxious, pre-trip jitters

Tank Bicycle after her pre-trip tune up.

I just realized that I’m leaving on my bike trip next week. I’ve done very little planning up until today. I went by REI and picked up most of the supplies I needed. Those supplies included some freeze dried food for breakfast and dinner but also a few shirts and a couple pair of socks, gu and trail mix. I just today had Tank Bicycle tuned up.

The original plan was to rent a car one way and just carry my bike myself. This morning I went about reserving my car only to realize that renting a car one way is much more expensive than I was expecting. One way from Nashville to DC was $375. Safe to assume that it would be comparable to rent a car one way from Pittsburgh to Nashville so you’re looking at about $800 after gas. 😐

So now I’m onto plan B. I’m taking Greyhound from Nashville to DC and having my bike shipped to a bike shop in DC. The ticket to DC was $65 and it’s going to cost about $60 to ship the bike and another $100 to have it assembled by the bike shop there so that’s $225 for one leg. If we assume a comparable amount for the return leg, we’re looking at $450 round trip. The real question boils down to this: Is having to deal with a Greyhound bus trip worth $350? I’ll report back my findings.

Either way, I still feel like this is going to be a good, learning experience for future trips because I can’t see myself ever driving out the the west coast for instance. I’ll need to know how to ship my bike, etc and now is a good as time to learn as any.

I spent some time today planning and scheduling everything so I’m feeling better than I was this morning when I was nearly having a panic attack about my lack of planning. Bus tickets purchased. Rooms reserved. Phone calls to the bike shops made. Gear post coming in the next couple days!

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  1. Michael, I am wishing you the very best of luck and I can not wait to read your updates from the road, I truly got excited for you when Jen told me 🙂

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