1. Eleanor
    · Reply

    Congrats on your grand adventure, Mike. You’re an inspiration!!! I hope I get to hear lots of stories : )

    And good show giving some credit to Jen as well. So many spouses are each others biggest obstacles in life. It’s scary to jump out into the unknown and it’s scary to support someone jumping out into the unknown. Good job both of you!

    (Autocorrect wanted me to say “obstetrics” instead of obstacles. How’s that for scary? lol)

  2. sallaboutme
    · Reply

    LOVE the video!! The music was great. And I loved the different angles and you singing along with the music! Aw, yay I made it into your video too! 🙂

  3. David Courtad
    · Reply

    Awesome video Mike! What did you use for post production?

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