Cycling the Natchez Trace: Day 2, Rocky Springs to Ratliff Ferry

Todays Distance: 75 miles
Total Distance 139 miles

It took me a while to break camp and get everything ready to head out. I was hoping to leave as early as possible and get to Ratliff Ferry with plenty of daylight. Everything was just so new, plus I repacked my bags to get more weight on the back and less on the front to improve handling. I ended up leaving just after 8am.

The first half of the day was pretty monotonous. Just the same ole, gradual climb away from the Mississippi River with very little change in scenery. Ugh. By lunch time, I was making dumb videos.

When I finally made it to Clinton for lunch, I was so happy to get off the bike and have a change of scenery.

Ate lunch at Fox’s Den Pizza. PIzza was delicious and I was able to charge my devices some! Wooo.

Cycling the Natchez Trace, Day 2

Feeling refreshed – or at least full of pizza and Dr Pepper – I was pleasantly surprised to finally have some different terrain to cycle on as I took the bike path option. I saw other cyclists. I spoke with and met some people… it was a nice change from cars whizzing by! In this section, I met a lady who worked for Visit Ridgeland and apparently, I’m going to be on their Facebook page in the coming days.

At the end of the bike path, the trace runs along Ross Barnett Reservoir and wow that’s a nice little ride! Also so my first cycle tourers but they were going the opposite direction and it was a busy section so I couldn’t try to stop to speak with them. Boo.

Cycling the Natchez Trace, Day 2

After the reservoir, I was in hammer down mode and just wanted to reach Ratliff Ferry with enough time to do everything with daylight so I skipped a couple things that seemed interesting when I read about them before.

A few things about this place.

First, if your wife suggests you bring bug repellent; you bring bug repellent. It’s still not cold enough here and I thought I was going to be carried away as I made dinner.

Cycling the Natchez Trace, Day 2

Second, this place has a “shower house” but wow is it scary. It literally looks like you’re about to be murdered by Jason Vorheves or sodomoized by some friendly folk. Yikes! There was hot water and I was wearing shower shoes… plus I’m the one who knocks so I went ahead and took a quick shower and it felt so good, in a frightening, “I’m not closing my eyes and I have to hurry the hell up” type of way.

Cycling the Natchez Trace, Day 2

Cycling the Natchez Trace, Day 2

Finally, I’m the only tent camper and the place seems deserted. Combine that with the shower house experience and it feels like I’m about to be murdered any moment. Feels like adventure! Plus, there are owls hooting as I type this so there!

Tomorrow, 70 miles to Jeff Bugsby.

Rest of Day 2 photos here.

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