Cycling the Natchez Trace: Day 6, Colbert Ferry to Meriwether-Lewis

(Editors note: Because of poor cell service, I wasn’t able to upload this at the end of day 6 – it was actually uploaded at the end of day 7.)

Distance Today – 64 miles
Total Distance – 421 miles

I never did see the fellow bicycle camper at Colbert Ferry. I got up, fixed breakfast, packed and left and he never left his tent. Weird. I heard lots of owls during the night and it was super cool tho!

Immediately after leaving Colbert Ferry, you cross the Tennessee River and it’s an impressive site.

Natchez Trace Day 6

Natchez Trace Day 6

A few miles of riding down the road with my spare tube/hand towel “fix” in place, I knew that it just wasn’t going to work. I stopped and pulled all that out and tried to see if I could better diagnose the problem. Turns out, the seat rail was broken!

Natchez Trace Day 6

I loosened up the the seat post clamp and moved the seat forward on the rails so that the broken bit was being held by the seat post clamp. BOOM – IT WORKED! My ass, heart and brain was sooooo happy. Riding a bike real far and up big hills is hard enough without having to worry about being stabbed in the nether regions by a damned seat post bolt. It was so nice to just ride my bike and worry about how my legs felt and how my hands hurt and how my shadow looks funny from this angle… anyhoo, you get the picture.

There were a few pretty decent climbs before lunch. One in particular was long and just kept on going and going. I was in my climbing gear on the front for sure.

Lunch was at HazelBee’s Sweets and Treats in Collinwood, TN. This town felt like an outpost in the wilderness after not being able to find a lunch destination the day before then staying at Colbert Ferry where the camping was more primitive than most of these other campsites. I had a sandwich and some chips, a sweet tea and strawberry shortcake. Before getting back on the trace, I picked up some snacks for the road and then I was off!

I knew from reading the guide book that I was due for some more climbing and the book wasn’t wrong on this one. But even with the climbing, this was the best afternoon of my trip. It was just amazing. The weather was great, my ass was happy and it was just me, pedaling up hills. I didn’t care that there were more hills. I also started to realize that my trip was coming to an end. This is the last night I’d camp on my trip. Then it’s just 57 miles to the end of the trace and then it’s over.

Before I knew it, I was pulling into Meriwether-Lewis and it seems pretty nice here, though I think it’s targeted more towards the RV campers. Whatevs, there’s a bathroom/water and a spot to put my tent; I’m happy.

Camp for the night

Jen is coming to meet me and I’m so excited! That’s all for now.

Natchez Trace Day 6

Natchez Trace Day 6

Rest of Day 6 photos here.




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