1. Natalie
    · Reply

    Incredible, you made it!!!! Someone hand the man the biggest Steak ever with all the fixings! You’ll never know the positive impact your journey has left me with and I can only hope & wish you can recap the journey later and write a long blog post or book or something. Thank you so very much for sharing your adventure! YOU ROCK!!!

    • Michael Harley
      · Reply

      Just wanted to say thanks a lot for the kind words. It really does help a lot when out on the road to know that people are thinking about you and pulling for you! Go you!

  2. Jen
    · Reply

    I know I’ve told you many many times in person, but I’m so damn proud of you & happy for you, babe! I had a lot of fun camping with you, playing sag & scout today. Definitely want to try the tandem tour with you at some point! Xoxo

  3. Eleanor Self
    · Reply

    Way to go Mike!

  4. David Courtad
    · Reply

    Good Job Mike!!!

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