Morning, Internet: 08/04

Good morning. We’re about to head over to Vandy for Jen’s last infusion. I’m telecommuting today so that I can go with her on this last visit; we’re excited.

I didn’t bike to work yesterday. I’ve felt melancholy for the last couple days and I just wasn’t feeling it, at all. The last couple weekends have just been packed with activities and I feel a little out of control. I did manage to do the laundry between the activities but that was it. No grocery shopping or other chores┬áso I didn’t have anything to take for lunch for Monday. I ended up just getting a couple egg white delight mcmuffins for breakfast. I ate from the snack machine at work for lunch which means kit kats and Funyuns. Yay? We did finally shop yesterday so now I just have the normal excuse of being lazy for not making lunch stuff to take for work.

Endeavoring to do better…

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